Erected in the historic center of Grasse at the end of 2015, the Manufacture Maison Duplanteur reveals all the nobility of chocolate where each recipe is elaborated with passion and know-how. Resulting from a controlled manufacturing process, we work the cocoa beans from the plantation until the hatching of these chocolate bites with powerful and elegant flavors.
The factory Maison Duplanteur, strong in the quality of their beans and organic products, combined with the fame of its chocolate maker, raises Chocolate to the rank of exceptional and luxury products.

Whether wrapped in aluminum foil, in the form of a chocolate bar, candies or pralines, for holidays and other events, chocolate has entered every home! The fact that 97% of French people consume chocolate at least once a week, making it the world’s 7th largest consumer of chocolate, testifies to the country’s passion for chocolate, which Maison Duplanteur seeks to share. This passion makes it interesting to discover the origin of chocolate, the origin of cocoa beans and the manufacture of chocolate. Indeed, the process of transformation is complex and Maison Duplanteur masters it from A to Z.

Maison Duplanteur has a 15-hectare cocoa plantation in Sierra Leone, giving it the unique opportunity to manage the entire production chain in which respect for ethical and environmental principles is strictly enforced, in addition to supporting local populations.

We also buys cocoa beans from local cooperatives in Madagascar, Equateur and in the future Asian cocoa producing countries such as Thailand. All the cooperatives with which Maison Duplanteur works hold the “UTZ” label: this label guarantees reliable traceability for responsible cocoa production, both socially and environmentally.

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