A lasting commitment


It is in poorest regions of Asia and Africa that the adventure Maison Duplanteur was born. Random traveling and meetings, the surrounding nature and people created the idea of ​cacao’s plantation. At the heart of a preserved setting, Maison Duplanteur has chosen especially cocoa cultivation for environment respect, animal life and to promote ecology, social and community projects through our plantations.

Recognized know-how


The factory Maison Duplanteur shared his expertise with populations up to optimal performance and quality of these plantations dedicated to the cocoa cultivation. A commitment who helped the population to improve their life quality, part of a least developed countries. Today, plantations produced a dozen tons of cocoa per year, whose beans quality is recognized. Indeed, the factory Maison Duplanteur, broadcasts its expertises as the same of pioneers planting, in countries likely to grow up cocoa plantation, allowing a greater variety of bean’s flavors, with Americas, Asia and ‘Africa’s origins.

A certified ethical business


Beyond fair trade, Maison Duplanteur prefers talk about social commerce: through its commitment and sharing his know-how among the population, the factory buys beans only with cooperatives with a sustainable development program and eco-responsibility, in the world of fine cocoa. These certify the origins of different beans, the social, societal and environmental engagement.

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