Bean To Bar – Tree to Bar


To appreciate the inimitable and infinite flavors of chocolate, the factory Maison Duplanteur master the traceability of cocoa beans that will offer, after complex and dense transformations, a refined and harmonious chocolate that exhales subtle perfumes.

This is the reason why, before being a craftsman dedicated to chocolate, the factory is above all a cocoa producer thanks to its cocoa plantations in Africa and Asia, where respect rural populations and environmental things, who are in the center of our concerns.

We take the time, at the factory, to sort the beans by hand, roast and crush them. This is the golden rule of the artisan chocolate maker who works from the tree to the tablet, in a responsible and sustainable way.



1 – Guillotine or Cut test : Upon receipt of our bean bags, we carry out a quality control of the cocoa beans to see their level of fermentation.

2 – Sorting the beans : As soon as they arrive, each bean is carefully checked and sorted out by hand, thanks to our sieve that we have designed.

3 – Roasting : an essential step in the manufacture of artisanal chocolate. At the Manufacture Duplanteur, we have a mini roaster, produced by a company specialized in chocolate production machines, we needed it to be productive and at the same time aesthetic.

We need 50 kg of beans to go to the roasting stage. During this stage, the beans will release all of their aromas. However, we must be precise because each variety of beans requires special attention and time.

4 – Crushing : Once the roasted cocoa beans are crushed. Thanks to the passage of the beans, through different sieves, the beans are released from their bark and become grains. The beans obtained are called cocoa nibs. With cocoa envelope, you can prepare delicious cocoa infusions.

5 – Grinding : Thanks to our stone wheel, we grind the crane, under a heavy rotating cylinder, to a thick, brown paste called “Cacao mass” or “Cocoa liquor”, from 100 % chocolate!

6 – Conching and Refining : Once the “cocoa liquor” obtained, we pour it into a rotating cone, with a capacity of 80 kg. These two granite wheels will knead and smooth the last irregularities of the dough for several hours to give us an excellent chocolate coating.Then, depending on the percentage of chocolate we want to shape, we will add natural cane sugar and cocoa butter to it.In addition to giving it a silky, shiny and creamy texture, this step helps to release and fully reveal the aromas of chocolate. At the end of this phase, we collect the chocolate in a large 10 kg container.The rest of our production will be temporarily stored in blocks of 10 kg.

7 – Tempering : This step is essential for working with chocolate. The latter must be at the right temperature to be transformed.

8 – Packaging and placing in store : All our products are fully hand-wrapped for inspection.

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