Maison Duplanteur is paying tribute to the perfume-makers of Grasse when creating this chocolate : “Signature Tonka” . The nose is exposed to its warm and powerful aromas: a touch of peach, almond and vanilla emanates from the Tonka bean.

For the pallet, the effect is warm, slightly sweet and bubbly combined with a delicate and soft sourness… Then, suddenly, the sour almond flavour appears followed by a note of sweet vanilla which lingers for some time. At Maison Duplanteur, the Tonka bean is prepared in 3 ways: Chocolate Candies, Chocolate Tablets and Broken pieces of chocolate.

The Tonka Bean, also known as the “coumanou” is a seed found in Teak trees in South America (Brazil, Venezuela, and Guyana). This seed which is black and coarse in appearance is in fact a spice which is characterised by its powerful aroma of sour almonds, vanilla and tobacco.

The Tonka Bean is 3 centimetres in length and 1 cm large and is found inside the fruit of the teak tree. This fruit (much like with mangos), when it falls to the ground is harvested and dried for almost a year until the tonka beans found within it are collected. The Tonka bean is distinguished by its complex aroma. Perfume-makers first used it in view of its aroma which is musky evoking both the patchouli plant and roses.


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