Working with an exceptional quality of cocoa Maison Duplanteur

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Our Chef Chocolate- maker has the privilege of working with an exceptional quality of cocoa as Maison Duplanteur decided to transform single –source cocoa beans into cocoa paste making it one of only 10 chocolate factories to do this in France. At 22 rue Marcel Journet in the historic centre of the town of Grasse (Alpes Maritimes 06), our team selects the high-end cocoa beans from Sierra Leone, Bali, Ghana and Cameroun amongst others by hand. In order to preserve and respect the unique characteristics of each cocoa bean source, we do not mix the different beans together. For example, the cocoa from Sierra Leone used by Maison Duplanteur is characterised by an elegant and subtle flavour whereas the cocoa from Ghana is full-bodied/ coarser. All tastes can therefore be satisfied !

A Leitmotiv: Ethics and the respect of flavours

Maison Duplanteur has the privilege of owning 15 hectare cocoa tree plantation in Sierra Leone Africa. This allows us to ensure that ethical and environmental principles are respected when obtaining our cocoa beans. We also support the people of Sierra Leone in this manner. Furthermore, all of the cooperatives that we work with in other countries are certified by the label “ Utz” which is a guarantee of reliable traceability for the responsible production of cocoa.