The different types of chocolate

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Dark chocolate, sometimes referred to as « bitter chocolate » is chocolate in the true sense of the word. It is made by mixing cocoa and sugar. Dark chocolate contain at least 35% of cocoa. The quantity of sugar used varies in view of the bitterness of the cocoa beans and the Chef Chocolate-maker’s recipe.

Milk chocolate is made by incorporating powdered milk into the cocoa. In Europe, the milk chocolate must contain at least 25 % cocoa unlike in the USA where 10% is sufficient. Maison Duplanteur’s milk chocolate contains 35 to 40% cocoa.

White chocolate is not real chocolate by many in view of its ingredients: cocoa butter (which does not contain cocoa powder), glucose and milk etc.…

« Couverture Chocolate » (chocolate paste) is a superior quality chocolate that is essential for chocolate-makers for them to be able to make chocolate candies. This category can be dark or milk chocolate and in any event contains 31% cocoa butter which gives it the fluidity required for creating fine coating.