Maison Duplanteur, only chocolate manufacture on the Côte d’Azur

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Maison Duplanteur is at this date ( 31/12/2015) the only chocolate factory on the Côte d’ Azur which creates its own chocolate directly from high end cocoa beans. We manage the whole process from the selection of cocoa beans, the roasting of the cocoa beans, and the creation of the final product by the Chef Chocolate-maker. Maison Duplanteur offers chocolate candies, broken pieces of chocolate, etc…

97% of French people consume chocolate at least once a week. France is the 7th consumer in Europe of chocolate. Whether at our shop in the historical centre of Grasse or on our Website, we offer an explanation as to the origin and production of chocolate.

Inspired by high end products found in gastronomy and patisserie, the transformation process is very complex. We own a plantation of several hectares in Sierra Leone which ensures a better management of the supply chain with a strict respect of ethical and environmental principles. We also support the local populations.

A « bean to bar » manufacture

Selection, drying, roasting, grinding etc.… there are no less than 10 stages from the harvesting of the cocoa pod to the finished product presented to the consumer. At Maison Duplanteur, the cocoa beans are selected in order to determine their quality. The colour enables one to determine their quality and to sort them out in order to ensure that the bitterness of the “chocolate couverture” (thick chocolate paste) is minimal. The selected beans are then placed into the roaster set at 100 C where they are grilled in order to release their aroma. The beans are then placed into the grinder which crushes them into cocoa nibs and also separates them from the shell. The residue does not go to waste as it can be used as compost or to add flavour to lip balm for instance. The nibs are then placed into the “stone mill” in order to obtain the thick paste which is known as “chocolate couverture”.

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