How to preserve Chocolate

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The ideal conditions for preserving chocolate are outlined below:

  • The temperature should be maintained between 16 and 18 ° Celsius.
  • The level of humidity should be below 25 %. If the humidity is too high, the strength of the taste will diminish
  • Avoid condensation
  • Air and humidity will oxidize chocolate more rapidly which will change the taste. It is essential to protect chocolate from the air and light (even artificial light) as much as possible and therefore to keep it in a closed package
  • Chocolate is very sensitive as to external odours and absorbs them easily. Therefore, chocolate must be kept in a hygienic and clean setting free of all smells. The packaging must not smell either. Do not keep chocolate next to meats, fish, cheese etc.
  • If the chocolate is preserved in good conditions, the only risk is oxidation. Dark chocolate contains a large amount of natural antioxidants and therefore can be kept for years even though a small amount of the taste and aroma may disappear. On the other hand, white chocolate contains almost no antioxidants and has a short conservation time. If all of the conditions are met then dark chocolate can be kept up to 24 months, milk chocolate up to 18 months and white chocolate up to 12 months.

    It is worth noting that stored chocolate at times develops a coating that is white powder which can be removed by hand. This does mean that it is getting mouldy.