Chocolate without soy lecithin

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The Maison Duplanteur offers chocolate prepared without lecithin of soja. Lecithin ( of soja or sunflowers) acts like a binder between fat and water and is also an Emulsfiant. Without lecithin, particles of cocoa butter would appear on the surface of the chocolate.

A chocolate without lecithin of soja is more difficult to prepare. It is indispensable that the chocolate maker masters chocolate and the temperature calculations.

Tempering is a baker’s technique which consists of making the chocolate go through 3 stages of temperature to obtain the best consistency for manufacturing mouldings, decorations or small chocolates. The chocolate is melted at 50 degrees, then 27 degrees and then back up to 32 degrees in order to crystallise the chocolate.

The benefit of tempering the chocolate is that a shiny and smooth chocolate is obtained.